How to make a fundraiser

There are numerous successful charity fundraising

techniques that raise a lot of funds for charities. Holding a Charity

Fundraiser is regarded as the how to raise awareness and funds too. Fundraising

events are as small or as huge as the organizer can handle. For bigger events you can

go to businesses in your community like a memphis roof repair company to solicit donations or sponsorship.

You will find small fundraisers who are small neighborhood bake sales or lemonade stands; its keep

is large fundraising events, for example, large carnivals where the entire

proceeds stop by benefit a specific charity.


When you can find large organizations which happen to

have many chapters or troops, a little neighborhood bake sale in various areas

will add as many as even be a successful Charity Fundraiser. Some small charity

organizations host events are understanding the particular cause, including for

a given child or adult what a person the neighborhood, and requirements

financial aid for medical reasons.


People who donate funds for charity would know the

benefits of it. And for those who don’t here are a few reasons or benefits of



1. Feel good factor – A person who donates feels good

about the fact that he is contributing to the

society and is doing something

that is selfless. There is mental satisfaction and a feeling of happiness when

you do something for someone without expecting anything in return.


2. Chain reaction – Donation spreads happiness in the

life of people who need it and spreading happiness is like a chain reaction. If

you make others happy they, in turn, will do something to make others happy.

And in this way, the happiness gets spread and reaches back to you in some way

or the other.

3. Every little bit counts – While you may think that

your help may not make much of a difference. But the truth is that every help

counts. It is not necessary to donate funds only for charity. You may also

choose to volunteer and provide help and support to people who are looking for


4. There are people who are dependent and need help – A

lot of people such as orphans, old age men, and women, physically challenged,

etc. need help because they do not have anybody to care for them. By donating

funds or volunteering for a charitable cause you can contribute towards a good


5. Making the world a better place – Your donations and

many other donations like yours towards charity will help in educating the

underprivileged and uneducated. More educated people would mean more

independent and self-reliant individuals thus contributing towards making this

world a better place to live.



Aside from alternate reasons specified above on the off chance that you are

hoping to add to the society and spare assessment in the meantime, at that

point donations to a charitable trust with refunds connected to donations is a decent


Some kinds of charity fundraising include online

Charity Fundraiser that work concurrently with physically attended events.

There are online fundraisers for charities which are only online. All of these

fundraisers are often very important to organizations, as they quite simply

produce an online platform that is available Round the clock, seven days per



How to Choose a Charity

The best way to utilize your money in helping the community in which you live is through charities. Every business earns a certain amount of profit which when steadily keeps growing, brings an urge of community service in entrepreneur’s mind. But, once you have decided bring charitable donations out of your profit; it becomes difficult to choose good charities to donate to. Here we discuss some of the major factors you can consider while picking your charity:

Figure out the criteria: You must consider few factors such as the charity size, organization age and whether it is a local, national or international.

Narrow the search: Opt for charities that meet your criteria. You will find more than a million charities and you need to decide which one fulfills your desire to donate in the best way. It is best to choose a charity with proper administration and which is expanded in the whole city or country, so that you can reach out to the masses in an easy and organized manner.

Compare missions: Go for an organization whose mission resembles the values of your company. If you both share the same values, it will be easy for you to work together. List the NGOs that fit your criteria and then focus on those to find the best.

Check if the organizations are registered: If you choose an organization that is not registered, the donations may not be tax deductible. Trust based NGOs that are not listed or registered may still be valid. You must ask for its official listing for its denomination.

Transparency and Accountability: An organization where there are accountability and transparency gets donors very easily. Foundations must allow the organizations to have a track record of financials to make sure that the money is spent as promised. An honest charity will always define its mission and programs clearly which will have assessable goals.

Responsible non-profits will discuss their finances: Any foundation that forces on urgent donations without a scheduled program or a discussed plan should not be trusted at all.

Confidence in Partnership: Do not pair with an organization that makes you feel uneasy because that will never form a good partnership.

A good charity can also be evaluated by looking at the financial statements on the website if any at all. This way, you will be in a position to know just how dedicated the charity is in improving the lives of the disadvantaged members of the community and just how effectively the donations are managed. There is no other genuine way of being comfortable with making a donation than being sure that it will be put to good use.
In case you have doubts about the management of finances, you can request for the statements, which it should provide without hesitation if at all it is a genuine charity with the interests of the community at heart. It should also be a charity whose tax-deductible status is in check and going well with the overall objectives and intentions.

Give your partnership a trial run. Start off with an organization by donating for small projects firstly, and then move on to the large ones. During the small projects, you can observe the working style of the charity and easily check for accountability and trustworthiness. Once you are sure you can trust them, you can move on to the big projects.

The most important thing in choosing a charity to work with is doing your research to make sure you know everything about the charity.  Talk to people who have worked with the charity before, volunteer if you can, newspapers, etc.  Use all the resources at your disposal to find the most information possible before you start.




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How To Get Your Business Involved

Modern society gives some excellent rewards to entrepreneurs who discover what people need and give it. This exchange is a significant part of the free market philosophy, which has resulted in much prosperity ( even though unfortunately not for everybody). Successful business people are duly rewarded for their ability to offer what society wants. These people sometimes make for great philanthropists, even if many are stingy with their money.

Charitable acts are done without any expectation of direct financial gain. However, they surely are not without their rewards. Here are four of the main ways that successful business men and women and even you can benefit by freely giving to charitable causes.

Building a good reputation in the locality

A leader of a company can identify needs within the area or ask prominent local bodies what they require assistance, and make efforts to contribute well. The relationships formed between clients and community members can be of good value to the company in the long run. When businesses assist other people, those people may want to support the company in return as well. Building a reserve of goodwill in your locality means that people will be there to back you up and speak on your behalf in the future.

Making your business community a better place to live

Getting involved in charity work improves your company’s image in the eyes of the members of the community and lead to a better place to live and work, the people and its employees who already live there. Donating to schools or fixing up local parks gives children of the workers safer and better places to play and learn. Giving to community nature parks offers everyone a relaxing, enjoyable place to camp or hike in.

Employees respect and honor leaders who do good

It can be unfortunate how little startup founders and other owners of business adequately address employee happiness. A lot of team leaders go through the day to day motions without having any thought on how to create greater employee job satisfaction in general. If you’re working for a company that provides back to the community, it can also improve those issues. By the time you make your business be an active force in the locality, it can enhance employees’ regard for their corporate leaders that can only help you. Also, it’s simply a good feeling and can make you be motivated to work hard. The daily grind is hard. Employees require all the motivation possible. Good morale is significant to a successful business, and it’s one of the ideal ways to bolster it.

Connections as well as networking.

In the Television series Mad Men, a successful character said, “The gateway to power is Philanthropy.” Philanthropic organizations are always a who’s who of the earth’s most influential persons. Entry into these type of teams brings you into contact with these people. For a businessperson or an entrepreneur, these connections are just an invaluable resource. Those you know will determine what exactly you can get done and the opportunities you can benefit. People in these organizations develop a mutual respect and trust for one another that are essential factors in doing business.



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What is Philanthropy

Are you pained by the suffering of fellow human beings around you? This goes to show that you have a
kind heart. Wondering what you could do for these people? Philanthropy is the
answer. It is the act of giving or donating for a noble cause. It will not only
ease the suffering of a few individuals but will also give you immense pleasure
of having done something for the cause of the society. It gives you the peace
of mind that all your wealth has ever guaranteed you.


The term philanthropy is more closely related to a concept than an actual verbatim

definition. The term came to us courtesy of the Greeks and meant “love for

mankind.” This concept is about voluntarily giving, either by a group or

an individual that will help support and promote some united common good. This

may also include monetary grants and contributions given by foundations,

individuals and often corporations, to not-for-profit organizations that work

towards a common cause to improve the quality of life for those in need.


As shown in history as a chronicle of philanthropy, it is not a new concept.

Surprisingly, it was around in the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, and the

Middle East. As a matter of fact, contributions were made to Plato’s Academy

and the Christian church in medieval times; they set up trusts to be used with

benevolence. Beginning in the late nineteenth century, private foundations

donated gifts totaling billions in support of education, the arts, medical

research and many other causes.

Some people ask what is the best way to do good or show how thankful they are and

others will just automatically write out a check for some nonprofit

organization and call it philanthropy. Naturally, monetary donations are great,

but one woman has reminded us that there are other ways, every bit as

important. She tells a story of seeing a young boy digging in a dumpster for


She took him inside, made him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sent him home.

A short while later several more kids showed up at her door, and everyone got a

sandwich. Fortunately, her local community noticed and began to pitch in as

well; showing that it only takes one person to make a real difference.

You may be surprised to learn that lower and middle-income donors are much more

likely to make charitable donations to charities that benefit the poor than are

upper-income households. One study examined giving trends among different

income groups.

There have been numerous studies done that break down the figures of donating through

philanthropy. Studies showed that 8% of the total giving was donated to

charities that meet basic needs, such as food and shelter. Roughly 38% of all

giving was done by people with incomes less than $70,000 and 23% went to the

poor via none profit organizations and 31% of all donations went directly to

serving the needs of the poor.

The whole idea of philanthropy is to be utterly altruistic about your deeds. You should not be
expecting to receive anything in turn. You may receive praise for your actions
and some degree of infamy, but that should not be the inducement for your
giving. The most charitable acts are those that are given without any thought
for oneself.



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What are the best ways to give back


Few things are half as fulfilling as giving back to society. Knowing that another soul breathed easier just because you helped them out is very satisfying indeed. Oftentimes however, people have the will to help out, but they do not know how to do it. The basics of giving back to society are rather simple- so long as you have the will, there will be a way. So, what are the best ways to give back?
1. Volunteer
Do you have large chunks of time available to you and have absolutely no idea how to best spend them? Perhaps you should consider volunteering in any facility within your community. Many people can always use some extra help in their work, and they will be eternally grateful for your help. You could start with charity homes within your community, or even institutions such as hospitals and schools.

2. Give
Sometimes, the best way to give back to your community is to give things away, especially those that you do not use anymore. Donate your clothes, furniture you no longer use or even food. Someone somewhere can always use the things you do not use anymore, and you will have had a great impact in their lives.

3. Fundraiser
Another way to give back to society is to hold a fundraiser. Sometimes, the things you want to improve in your community can be far beyond your economic ability, and there is no better way around the problem than to engage the help of other community members. When people come together, they can achieve so much more than what a single person can on their own. Pick a project aimed at improving the lives of people in your community, and then organize a fundraiser to that effect. Your efforts will certainly not go unrecognized.

4. Philanthropy
Alternatively, you could decide to give away some money to support members of the community. You can help out a businessperson who is struggling to get the business on its feet by taking some financial worries off their mind. You could also help an organization out financially by donating some amount of money to them. You could also opt to help out a student who is struggling to stay in school, or a parent who is struggling to feed their kids.

5. Support those who serve
Another simple way you can give back to society is to recognize the effort of those who work tirelessly to keep the community safe. People like firefighters and the police could certainly do with some recognition and support from the people they serve so selflessly. Every once in a while, take the time to treat them, or even say a kind word to them. It might seem simple and inconsequential, but it can go a long way in lifting the spirits of these individuals.

There are so many other ways you can give back to your society except those discussed above. Whichever way you choose to help make life easier for members of your community, rest assured that they will appreciate you for it. Every time you go out of your way to help somebody else who is in need, you will certainly experience an unrivaled feeling of self- fulfillment. Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive.



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